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About Making Changes

Alcohol or drug abuse can easily become a vicious circle and spiral into a lonely and alienating time. The root of this type of problem varies from person to person, but the journey towards a better path is possible when you have a long-term programme in place that results in self-change.

At Making Changes we know and understand addiction and self-destructive behaviours and we are here to help steer you towards a new and improved way of life.

This is not just about stopping the drink or the drugs, this is about implementing new changes into our lives that will lead us to a place where we don't want to use either, let alone need to.

Chris, the brains behind Making Changes, stopped his excessive drinking in 2013 and after helping many others start a different path in life, he got to work on creating the programme. Operating mainly out of the North West, Chris tends to cover areas such as Preston, Manchester and Cheshire, however, the programme is available to anyone in the UK regardless of location and has been delivered in areas such as London and even Scotland.

To find out more about the background to the programme, please use the link below where Chris talks about his experience with alcohol and how he has made changes to his life so that he can be the best version of himself.

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Many insist that miracles happen. Yet, we must do our part. If we look at the history of miracles, we can usually see that time, pain and patience prepared the way. The changes that transform our lives are born from the suffering that is itself a reason for change. Yet we must be ready. To catch a falling star, we must be standing under it.