Coronavirus Update – Operating as normal

Following government advice, we will no longer be able to deliver face-to-face, in person sessions for initial consultations or the 2-3-hour sessions we would normally carry out at the completion of each Change. However, a fundamental part of the Programme, is to catch up weekly, at least once or twice over Skype, Zoom or Teams, whichever video platform you prefer and so I will just continue to deliver the Programme this way instead. 

It may mean that the 2-3-hour sessions become shorter but that we do them more frequently or break them up into one, two or three sessions instead. The ongoing support via video chat or phone call/text will remain the same.

Where we have a situation in that you want me to actually read some of the work you have written, you can simply post it to me prior to our session – this can actually be advantageous as it means I'm not reading it during our sessions. I can then post it back to you to keep for your records.

Please remember – our meetings are important, yet the most important part of Making Changes is the Exercises themselves and then implementing them into your daily life and in the current climate – we perhaps need those methods as much as we ever have, probably more so.

Please keep safe and well in terms of the virus itself, but also take extra care when it comes down to any issue you may have with alcohol, drugs or another form of substance abuse or self-destructive behaviour – as always, Making Changes is here to help you make that transformation for the long term.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting me and continuing to better yourselves as we all work together to get through this difficult period.

Many thanks,
Making Changes

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